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David DelCollo Attorney

David DelCollo is a prominent attorney with more than a decade of experience in healthcare and contract law. DelCollo currently works for a large pharmaceutical firm with a substantial presence in the Philadelphia area. His peers know him as a diligent, meticulous lawyer who manages to balance a penchant for detail with a keen ability to see the big picture and cut to the heart of messy matters.

College Days

DelCollo grew up in the Philadelphia area. An avid reader, he excelled in the humanities and social sciences through middle and high school. It surprised no one when he announced he’d be enrolling at Duquesne University, one of Pittsburgh’s most prestigious private universities.

At college, DelCollo discovered two loves: the law, particularly civil and contract matters, and the city of Pittsburgh, the Appalachian yin to Philadelphia’s cosmopolitan yang.

“It was at Duquesne that I immersed myself in the work of the great political theorists and I developed a real passion for law and government, which naturally lead me into the study of law,” says DelCollo. “I really felt that my purpose in life was to become an attorney.”

After graduation, David DelCollo parted ways with Pittsburgh as he headed part of the way back east, landing at Widener University School of Law in the Harrisburg area.

Career Start

Following his graduation from Widener, DelCollo took a job with Acsys, a mid-size IT firm in the Harrisburg area. At a time when many of his classmates were struggling to find their feet in an increasingly saturated legal labor market, David DelCollo was honored to be making a difference as in-house counsel at a rapidly growing firm at the forefront of its industry. Within a year, he had been promoted to General Counsel — a rare occurrence considering DelCollo’s career was in its’ infancy.

“My work at Acsys enabled me to put what at that point had been relatively abstract formulations regarding technology contracts and intellectual property disputes into practice,” says DelCollo. “I’m a far better attorney because of my time spent there.”

Though modest by nature, DelCollo isn’t shy about the extent of his responsibilities at Acsys. As General Counsel, “I was responsible for negotiating agreements with countless Fortune 500 companies, managing potential contract breaches by various parties, and litigating countless contract and corporate issues in court,” he says.

After Acsys, DelCollo worked for a boutique law firm in the Philadelphia area before accepting a position with Piedmont Behavioral Health, a major North Carolina health system that is now the largest in the state healthcare system.

A lifelong Pennsylvanian accustomed to the state’s fast-paced culture and four-season climate, DelCollo had some trepidation about taking the plunge and moving hundreds of miles south. But he’s glad he did.

“Taking a job with one of the largest healthcare employers in North Carolina gave me insight into the dynamics of a large organization in a heavily regulated industry,” says DelCollo. His work also exposed him to the exciting and ever-evolving healthcare industry, which he’d previously engaged with only in tangential fashion. The rapid changes facing the industry, including the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and subsequent legal challenges to the framework, dramatically expanded DelCollo’s professional horizons — supplementing his excellent academic education with real-world lessons that simply can’t be found in the lecture hall or library.

“At PBH, I oversaw the entire contract department,” says DelCollo, “and was also responsible for assuring that the major healthcare providers of North Carolina were compliant with the current State and Federal laws, including HIPAA, JCAHO, and ARRA.” DelCollo also handled internal compliance and served as liaison between PBH and various state agencies — a daunting task, to say the least.

DelCollo couldn’t stay in North Carolina forever, though. Unable to ignore the call of his home state, he relocated to the Philadelphia area and accepted his current role there.


DelCollo isn’t an all work, no play type. He puts in long hours at the office, but also finds plenty of time to engage his twin hobbies: fixing up vintage motorcycles and hitting the town with his trusty Australian Shepherd.

Yes, DelCollo is a motorcycle guy. By his own count, he’s fixed up nearly two dozen Harleys (and a smattering of other makes) at his home garage, most of which he keeps to ride on the weekend, although he’s sold a few to fund further purchases.

“When the weather is warm, I’m out riding or in the shop every chance I get,” he says.

DelCollo is also well-acquainted — increasingly so over the past few months — with southeastern Pennsylvania’s many fine (and not so fine) dog parks. That’s because he’s the proud parent of a lovable “Aussie Shep,” a rambunctious pooch who’s helping DelCollo readjust to his once and future home’s social scene.